Day of the Dead Bread

The bread is very significant to the holiday celebrated by many in Hispanic culture, which is the Day of the Dead. This holiday is about all of our family members that have passed away. Supposedly, God gives everyone who has passed away one day to come down back to earth so they can eat with us and be with us. To greet them, we make all types of delicious food and we put candles down as a sign that they are with us, but one of the most important things we put down is the bread of the Day of the Dead. This bread is made around late October and early September. To many people, the bread is just an offering, but to me, it is a symbol that our loved ones are still with us. I can remember making the bread and all its difficulty. I also remember biting into the first bread and telling myself that the hard work was worth it.

– Cesar Plascencia

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