This is a doll from Guatemala
This is a doll from Guatemala

This is a little plush doll from Guatemala that my many grandparents made before me. They pass it down from generation to generation in my family. I used to play with it when I was very little, and it was my favorite toy. I don’t know how my family kept it intact for very long. It helps me feel very secure and good when it's around. Currently it has been in my kitchen for a long time because I have grown up and I don’t play with it anymore. When I go visit some family I see some similar ones, all my family from Guatemala has at least one hanging around in the house. When I look at it, it always makes me feel whole, and its near my room which I like because I get to look at it from in there. Hopefully one day I could bring it into my home one day and have my future kids play with it.  

Place(s): Guatemala

– Kevin Rodas

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