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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The Cure -Disintegration
The Cure -Disintegration

 My father immigrated from Londrina, Parana to Lowell, Massachusetts with nothing but determination and my mother. He didn't know any English except for the lyrics from his favorite songs (which he didn't know the meaning of). He grew up saving up money to go to the record stores, sneaking into concerts, and staying up all night watching music videos on his TV. When he came to America, he brought all of this with him and raised my brother and I. Some of my happiest memories are with my dad and my brother, listening to his music. There are tons of home videos scattered around our closet of my brother and I singing along and dancing to his favorite songs. It sparked my interest in music at a young age and now I can't live without my headphones. I don't listen to his music as much anymore, but I like to listen to his favorite albums from time to time to reminisce. My brother and I both have a deep love for music so we decided to buy a vinyl & CD player to listen to our own tastes. Now, my dad listens to our music and enjoys it as well. I am grateful I was able to grow up with Coldplay & The Smiths and many other talented artists, and that is thanks to my incredibly am

Place(s): Massachusetts, Paraná
Year: 2001

– NB

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant