Dad's Letter

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My dad's letter to my abuelita
My dad's letter to my abuelita

My dad is an immigrant. He migrated from the city of Puebla, Mexico to here, the United States. He had the same reason every immigrant had, to come to the U.S. “For a better future”, he said. It took my dad months to get here and later arrived in Bushwick Queens where he settled down and was ready to experience the “American Dream”. During the time there were no such things as cell phones, instead there were flip phones. When my dad got here had no money but still wanted to find a way to communicate with my abuelita. So he decided to write and send her a letter written on a notebook page that was ripped out. It was written on July 3 of 1998, where he wrote in the letter asking how she was, and that he was doing well adjusting to his new life. He also said he had earned some money to deposit to my abuelitas bank account. My abuelita hated the idea of spending money my dad had earned when he should be using it most. So my dad wrote that she should spend it and that he will do just fine. He also mentioned he was gonna send her some stuff just in case of an earthquake that could have happened in Mexico. Such as batteries, flashlights, including some discs that have my dad’s favorite Cumbia’s on there. My dad is currently setting up paperwork and received back all the letters he has sent to my abuelita where I came across this letter where he told me the whole story, now he says me and my little sister’s can hold onto it as apart of our family history. 

Place(s): Bushwick Queens

– JS.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant