Curry Goat

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

It was a long time ago while I was a child thinking about my mother’s cooking awaiting dinner. Waiting for my mother to finish cooking I sat excited because she said she was going to cook some Jamaican food. Having already eaten oxtail at this point in time and wondered what she would cook and will it satisfy my hunger. As everything was done I took a bite. The taste satisfying my taste buds. The more I ate the more I yearned for more. As I loved this newly introduced food, Curry Goat. From that day forward I knew that it was my favorite dish thus far from the caribbean. Even after the plentiful dishes that came after, even years later, I was loyal to the goat, the curry goat. At last I’ve found my favorite dish. Even to this day my love for it hasn’t wavered. Always when teachers and peers asked what was my favorite food, the reply was always I replied curry goat. What makes curry goat special to me and others from Caribbean background would be that it connects us to our culture as it’s a common dish in our culture. Everyone knows the common dishes curry goat, oxtail, jerk chicken etc., but they don’t know how we connect to those dishes as it brings us closer to our culture, and where we come from.

Year: 2008

– Kadeem S.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant