Relationship: Im/migrant

Fanesca is a popular dish prepared with mixed beans, grains and dried fish. In Ecuador, it is prepared once a year at Easter. My grandmother said that a long time ago people didn't have enough to eat. In the community,  people shared a little bit and everyone could eat. The beans are said to represent the Twelve Apostles,  and the fish represents Jesus of Nazareth.
In my family making fanseca is a tradition. It is prepared with dry beans and grains, like red and white beans, lentils, and rice. The grains are supposed to put in water one day before we are ready to mix and cook them. We boil green beans and vegetables like corn, pumpkin, and chochos the same day that we prepare the fish, which is supposed to soak in water the day before. 

– DC

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant