Crystal Castro

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Black piano , with a grey duvet.
Black piano , with a grey duvet.

my family and I all share love and appreciation through the piano. I’ve asked my grandparents why out of every instrument they chose the piano and my grandmother said ¨ When I  lived in Mexico I had nothing, just a small bedroom with barely enough money to eat, but once I had your mom life changed for me. I worked as a maid at this home in Mexico City. I cleaned this mansion every day for this lady she was kind and had a daughter the same age as your mom at the time ( 12 years old).  ¨ My grandmother went on to say that one day she was cleaning and heard this beautiful melody being played on the piano and she thought it was her boss but it was the twelve-year-old girl sitting on the duvet playing this old French tune. She was astonished by this and dreamt of that being my mother someday. She was simply inspired because she found it beyond impressive that this young girl knew how to play so greatly. Although my grandmother didn’t have the money to put my mom in a piano class to be taught she had a cd disc filled with a bunch of classical piano artist songs where my mom would listen to and imagine herself playing. 

Place(s): Tijuana , Mexico
Year: 1981

– Crystal

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