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Relationship: Im/migrant

 This origami will always remind me of my home and friends. We had a neighbor and she liked doing origamis, and one day she comes, and gives this origami to my mom. She said it’s a frog and it represents luck.  At that time I was eight years old, and I was looking at the origami, and thinking that our neighbor does not know how frogs look like because this origami didnt look like a frog. It meant nothing to me. I did not think of it as something important. Eight years past, and my mom still has the origami. I am very happy that she still has it. Now I am sixteen years old and this piece of paper is very important to me. It reminds me of my home and my friends. It reminds me of my neighbor who helped us a lot. I still do not know how this has to look like a frog but maybe it did gave us luck. I am very lucky that we were able to move to United States and have an opportunity to go to school here. 

Year: 2013

– Zarina Ilkanayeva

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant