My family owns a giant wooden cross of Christ when he died for us. We aren't the very religious type where we go to church every Sunday. We do believe that miracles happen and that things happen for a reason. Life is carried in in Christ's palms. We have it hung up in the house and we have so much respect for it. Whenever I cross the cross I say amen or do the shape of the cross by touching my forehead, my heart, left shoulder, right shoulder then kiss my hand. I feel that shows respect to him. This is important to share because even though we don't go to church I don't disrespect him by not acknowledging him. I feel he watches over one and my family and keeps us blessed and safe. This is the foundation because there's been situations where someone I loved could've passed and they didn't. This represents me because I have respect for my family and for Christ even though nor myself and family don't go to church, we are still believers. This cross is related to my families immigration story because they prayed to get here safely and get things to go somewhat good for them. Believers in Christ and that's what helped them persevere through all the negativity they went through.

– Stella Ruiz

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