Cross necklace

A cross necklace
A cross necklace

My name is Rhamell Pellot and my mother was born in New York. My mom never had the best experiences but she always beloved in God and kept it pushing. She didn’t have a good childhood. So she would try her hardest to make me and my 
siblings better.                                                      

 The item that I will be talking about is my cross necklace. It was given to me during my church classes. I always use it if I think something is impossible to remind me in my head that it isn’t. This necklace is what I looked at whenever I wasn’t sure if something or felt misled. So if I were to be doing a task or job or whatever it is kinda like my booster to succeed. That is the item I have chosen and why.           

 This item means alot to me because it symbolizes what my mom had her into to take care of me and my siblings. It is what me and my family’s religion believes in and what we all use as hope for our downs. Also because it can at times remind me of the day I got it during baptism. That was s why the cross necklace means a lot to me.     

Place(s): New york

– RP

Relationship:  unknown unknown