Cross Necklace

In Attire

This cross necklace is particularly meaningful for me, not just because it reminds me of home, but also because it connects me with my family generations. The necklace had been awarded to me as a gift from my mom back in 2003. It is the year when I entered elementary school and I have been wearing that necklace ever since. Interestingly enough, my mom got that exact same necklace from her own mother. Therefore, the necklace I wear is basically from my grandmother. I'm planning on keeping it for as long as I can and possibly bequeath it to my child in the future. The necklace is made out of platinum, therefore it does not become rusty. It always look new and fresh despite its age. It's probably much older than I am. I have taken that necklace anywhere I go and every time I look at it, it reminds me of home and mother. I had to change the string of it once because it got smaller as I got older. Other than that, it pretty much remains original. It is definitely one of very few items that constantly reminds me of my family and home.

– Ju Woon Kim

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