Throughout history, people have viewed the cross as death, persecution, love and freedom. People were persecuted for believing in Christianity, and many died from believing in it. Since those people were able to do that, I am proud to present myself as one. One of the most important factors in my life is my religion. The majority of my life deals with my religion. Many decisions I make and have made have been influenced based on my values and religion. Because of this, I chose my cross to be my item. The cross is used to represent the christian religion. I wear it everyday proudly. It is used as jewelry and sometimes as a household item. My cross was originally made in china. On my birthday, I went to the mall and I bought it. I have owned and wore a cross since I was a baby. My parents believed it was important to always have a cross and to always wear it. I connect with this object at holidays such as Christmas or Easter. I connect with my cross at these holiday’s because both Christmas and Easter are christian holidays. This cross is important to me because it represents my religion and culture. It connects with my culture because my family and I are very religious.

Year: 2016

– Joseph Gentile

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