German Pyramid

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
German Pyramid
German Pyramid

My object is a pyramid. In German it is spelled pyramide. My family uses it on Christmas. It is a German Christmas decoration that is handmade from one of my German ancestors. It is a spinning small wood fan and it is not powered by electricity. It is powered by a candle, the candle produces heat and then that heat goes to the fans and makes it spin. The fan is connected to a long wooden stick that has a lot of platforms and on the platforms have people and animals and trees from a Christmas story and since the stick is connected to the fan that's spinning all the characters go in circles which makes them look like they're walking.  

It is important to me because it was passed down from my great grandma. My mom immigrated from Germany to New York. and then my grandma sent it to New York where we live. Now when I look at it reminds me of Germany and my family that lives there. That makes me happy because I do not get to go to Germany that much so when it is Christmas it feels like I am in Germany.  It also teaches me the story of people and animals to see Jesus in the shed with all the presents for Jesus. 

I wonder why they started to make the pyramid and who invented it. I wonder how the person who made it came up with the idea. I also wonder if the person who made the first pyramid was german. I also wonder which one of my ancestors made it by hand, like if they were my great grandpa or something like that.     

Place(s): Germany

– LR

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant