Flag from Cork, Ireland

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This flag is important to my dad for a couple of reasons. The first one is because my dad’s side of the family is from Ireland, and so is some of my mom's side. The second is that my dad had a lot of fun in Ireland, and he really would enjoy to go back there. The flag is 32 years old, and my dad got it when he traveled to Ireland overseas for a semester of college, and he was given this flag as a gift for his time there from his Irish friends. His friends took it from the flag pole at the center of town. This flag is from the 800 year anniversary celebration. I'm sure whenever my dad see's the flag, it reminds him of his friends back in Ireland. I hope someday, I can go back there with him to see Cork, and maybe even return the flag.  

Place(s): Ireland
Year: 1985

– Calvin Healey

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