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Relationship: Im/migrant
A lanyard pass that reads "Fall 2017"
A lanyard pass that reads "Fall 2017"

I always hated cities. New York, L.A., and Chicago worst of all. Nashville was different though, it never seemed like a city to me. Something about it called to me. I first tried to move here right after college, but finding a job was difficult so I stayed put. 

My first job out of college was in a town five hours away from Nashville. I found myself crossing state lines quite frequently; after all, the Ryman had all the concerts I wanted to see. I tried to find a job that would reduce my music commute, but that melody once again fell flat. I tried to accept that maybe Nashville just wasn’t in the cards for me and gave up on moving here. 

Fall of 2017: I found myself at a concert (actually in my state this time), and after the show waited around to see if I could get the artists signatures for a friend of mine. Somehow this story ends up with me on the tour bus with them, chatting with one of them through the night. He lived in Nashville- bought a house their on a whim. That conversation is all it took to reignite the Nashville spark in me. 

The next morning I started the job search again and saw that the state museum was hiring. My dream! I may not have gotten the first job I applied for, or the second, but third time was the charm. I was finally able to fulfill my dream of moving to Nashville. This All Access pass I received after hanging with them is a reminder of how I got here, and that one person is all it takes to change your life- even if you never see them again. 

Place(s): Indiana, Nashville
Year: 2018

– Emilee D

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant