coral and gold ring

The ring is shaped like a woman's face
The ring is shaped like a woman's face

An object that is important to me is the ring that my great great grandma won by singing opera in England. It is unique and special to my family. The ring now belongs to my mom and she got it from her grandma on her dad's side of the family. The ring has a great story to it. My great great grandmother was a famous opera singer in Ireland and won the ring in England. It is a great accomplishment for my great great grandma so we keep it as a remembrance of what she did. The ring appears to be made of gold and the stone is coral and carved into the shape of a woman’s face. My mom knows a lot about the ring but she doesn’t know everything because my great grandma passed before she was able to tell her everything about it and it’s history. This is interesting to me because some of the details are like a family mystery. I chose this object because I didn't even know it existed until this project and I did not even know my great great grandma was an opera singer. When I learned about it I was confused at first but then thought it was very interesting.  

Place(s): England, Ireland

– Morgan Farmer

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