Cooking Apron

It is a long and white piece of clothe.
It is a long and white piece of clothe.

My object that I chose is my mom’s cooking apron. It is worn while cooking to keep your clothes clean. They are commonly made with cotton, nylon, and leather. My mom’s apron is long, covering up the entire shirt and and around her hips. It came from the U.S. I remember my mom  wearing the apron when I was growing up and saw her cooking. I connect this with my mom because her whole job is about cooking, she is a professional chef in a cooking school. She first took up cooking….She wears it when she is cooking something fancy or she is baking. This object connects with my identity because I come from a line of cooks and I want to learn how to cook someday so that I can be creative in the kitchen like my mom. This object is important to me because it means that my mom is able to have a job and be able to afford stuff that we need to stay here in Napa and have all the things we want right now. This means she can also provide for her family and she is the one that usually makes dinner for everyone which is really helpful and she deserves the best. That is my story about my mom’s apron.

Place(s): Napa, California

– Skye Engel

Relationship:  unknown unknown