Puffed rice


Puffed rice is a famous Korean snack, and it is made of corns or rice. There are so many kind of puffed rice, but my favorite puffed rice is a circular puffed rice.When people make the circular puffed rice, they usually use a special machine for making the puffed rice. People bring corns or rice into the machine, and puff those corns or rice with high temperature and pressure. In Korea, we usually see many kinds of puffed rice on the supermarket or street to sell. While I was living in Korea, there was a puffed rice seller near my home, so I usually ate puffed rice for snack.  When I was a child, my grandmother usually brought some puffed rice for me and my brother. My grandmother usually bought the circular puffed rice. At that time, I liked to go to grandmother’s house, and I usually enjoyed eating the circular puffed rice. I remember that my grandmother put the circular puffed rice into the wooden bowl, and she brought it to us. Also, I like plain tasty food more than sweet food, so I like the puffed rice. However, when I had studied in Japan, there was no puffed rice in market. Even though I could not buy the puffed rice in the market, I had searched the place where can I buy the puffed rice. Finally, I found the puffed rice from some Korean markets, and I could buy the puffed rice. When I came to New York first, I found the puffed rice from the Korean market in Manhattan, and I usually buy the puffed rice from the Korean market many times.

Place(s): Korea


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