This cook book is almost as old as I am.
This cook book is almost as old as I am.

My family and I came from a small and beautiful Island called Grenada. My family left Grenada when I was eleven years old. We first moved to Canada for a year then to the United States. One of the items which we took with us from Grenada was the cookbook in the photo. Though  the cookbook isn't Grenadian itself it still holds the recipes of the traditional foods we ate because it is a Caribbean cookbook. One of my favorite recipes from the which also happen to be very traditional recipe is the Black Cake.  Usually Black cakes are served at very special occasions like Christmas and weddings. Black Cake is made by soaking fruits in wine for months before it is baked. My Grandmother always makes us a Black Cake when she comes to visit from Canada. The cookbook also has other traditional recipes like Rotis and traditional drinks like Sorrel and ginger beer. Cooking foods with this cookbook keeps me closer to my culture and traditions I've left behind. 

Year: 2012

– Makenna Prince

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child