Congolese flag Bracelet

Relationship: Im/migrant
DRC flag bracelet
DRC flag bracelet

                                                                                 My Congolese bracelet 

I'm sure you have seen so many Africans wear their flag bracelet and we don't wear it just to wear it.  It has deep meaning to it, so here is my story of why I wear my Congolese bracelet and why it is important to me.

So back then when I was 12 years old, my parents were telling me that we are moving to America very soon. I didn't believe them. Then two weeks later they told me to pack my stuff because we were leaving in two days. I was super excited because moving to America was one of my biggest dreams and my dream came true. So the next day we went to say farewell to some of the family members and it was time to say bye to my grandma. It was so hard for me and I was so emotional too because my grandmother thought that we were leaving her forever. Then she handed everyone these Congolese bracelets and said this to us: “you guys are going to America, you may forget everything here but please don't forget where you come from and what you left here.”  and I'm still wearing this bracelet today because it reminds me where I came from and everytime i look at it it reminds me of my grandmother.

Place(s): Congo DRC
Year: 2017


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant