Compact Mirror

In Attire

This is a simple compact rectangular mirror. It was the first non essential item my dad bought for my mom after immigrating to America. My dad immigrated to New York first and worked in a small kitchen, making small amounts of money for lots of work, renting a small single room in a Chinatown apartment. My mom immigrated and moved in with him a year later, and things did not get easier. They both worked long hours with basically no rest days. The mentality was work hard, spend little, and save. One day my dad came home with this mirror as a gift for my mom. Though it wasn't necessarily an expensive item, it was still and investment that was purely for my mom's enjoyment. This was the start of many gifts to come, as my family's financial situation got better. Now after becoming a family of four living comfortably in a larger apartment in Queens, this mirror is still cherished by my mom. It is noticeably worn out, with scratches, a fading cover, and the mirrors are falling out of the plastic casing. However this cheap mirror is a reminder of the difficult life my parents had and the hard work they put in to have what we have now.

Year: 1996

– Thomas Lin

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