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Relationship: Im/migrant
Peru Soccer team Shirt
Peru Soccer team Shirt

 My most valued object is my Peru soccer team shirt. It represents what I most like and that is soccer and also the people who I loved to spend time with in my country, my friends. They gifted it to me on my 18th birthday at our college. It’s a red shirt with a white stripe and it also has the Peruvian soccer federation symbol over the heart. This means more every year because I remember what kind of friends I used to have and the moments we shared in our college. Now so far from there and that time, I miss our conversations. That’s normal when paths diverge, but I know that they will stay when I come back again or when one of us needs our help. This shirt helped me to never forget my past life, at least the beautiful moments, and to feel relief in this new age of immigration. It helps me to not feel alone. 

Place(s): Lima, Peru.

– Francesco

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant