Coffee of my land

Relationship: Im/migrant
Pergamino, coffee brand from Colombia
Pergamino, coffee brand from Colombia

There are many bags of coffee around the world , some of them are from cities in Europe, some are from North America and others are from South America incluing my country Colombia. Into a special bag are many small brown beans of delicious coffee that come from farms of my country, produced on mountains of my land, mountains which I love. It also represents a lot of people who work on it, families eating and studying thanks to coffee production... This coffee is used in restaurants, offices and at home for many Colombian people. 

Coffee smells delicious, like something toasted, fresh and with fruit notes. The taste is the same but in your mouth it is refreshing and when you are drinking a  cup of coffee you feel at home in a cozy living room. It is something perfect, a quiet and relaxing moment.

My family many times have given bags of coffee  even since I came to NYC. This year one of my friends gave me one special coffee called "Pergamino", my beautiful Grandma sent to my husband and I a big bag of "Juan Valdez Coffee" in summer and I still have one bag which my uncle and cousin brought to me one month ago, when they came to NYC for vacation.
The coffee is very good for all celebrations, all special occasions, like birthdays or christmas. After lunch or dinner a cup of coffee with a piece of cake is perfect to finish the celebration. 

Drinking coffee in NYC reminds me when  I came to this city, ending winter time this year.  Coffee reminds me of my country and my family, it represents family time and makes me feel comfortable and very very happy. 

Place(s): Colombia - Medellin
Year: 2019

– Jessica

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant