Clothes of the Irish

In Attire

My family wore wool clothes. They were the most commonly worn clothes in Ireland. It was nearly always cold and wet there, and the island happened to have a lot of sheep. Wool helped protect from the extreme cold and wet weather in Ireland, so people wore lots of wool clothes, including my family. I think wool is scratchy, so I don’t wear much of it. I don’t think it is necessary here in America, because we have other blends that are better for our climate. So, you might ask, “Why are wool clothes so important to Irish culture and why is wool so special?” The doll in this picture is wearing traditional, Irish wool clothes. These clothes come in many variations of colors, shapes, and designs. The doll is wearing a tartan dress. Tartan means a lot to Irish families because each district has a specific color pattern to represent them. Wool may seem ordinary to you- but to the Irish it is part of their culture. It means a lot to me, even though I don’t wear wool often, because I know my ancestors and theirs before them wore the wool clothes.  Wool clothes are used for everyday use and special occasions. Wool sweaters, hats, scarves, and socks are most common for everyday use in Ireland. However, wool suits, dresses, skirts and fancy coats do exist for special occasions even now. Wool clothes are used on a daily basis by many Irish people and families, including my ancestors when they were alive. Wool clothes have been used for centuries in Ireland, and still being used today!

Place(s): Ireland

– Ella

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