Jade Bracelet

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precious jade bracelet
precious jade bracelet

Since I was three years old, I knew that my mother had a precious jade bracelet, which was wrapped in a small piece of red silk scarf and placed in a beautifully carved wooden box. Mother said that this jade bracelet was a dowry given to her by her grandmother, and it was handed down by her grandmother's ancestors. It is said that this precious bracelet was buried with a distinguished and noble princess. The folks say that the jade bracelets that have been buried have the effect of warding off evil and protecting its owner. When I was twelve years old, on the day of of the Mid-Autumn Festival, my mother carefully opened the wooden box. It is different from ordinary jade bracelets. It is crystal clear and shiny...My mother told me this jade bracelet was taken to different places by her ancestors. Her grandma immigrated to U.S. with this bracelet in 1900 when the war broke out in China. Her grandfather found a job to construct the railway in America. By working diligently, they supported my grandmother to study in University. Now, my mom is going to pass the bracelet to me, hoping that the bracelets can bless me when I study in New York. Every time I see it, I will remember what my ancestors did for us. They hope me to live a happy life wherever I go.

– Jennifer Qian

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