My object is a clock from the 1930's.  It was given to me by my Ti-ti Anna when we were cleaning out my Aunt Alice's Apartment.  Aunt Alice got the clock when she was a teenager at a flea market.  Aunt Alice's family was struggling financially in New Jersey, so they moved to Long Island for a better life.  Aunt Alice loved to tell time and just the idea of time in general.  The clock tells me that time doesn't stop for anyone, and that you should make the most of time while you still have it.   Aunt Alice died a few years back, and that shows me that i really need to use my time wisely.  Aunt Alice died a few years back, hence why my family was going through her room.  My family told me I'm like Aunt Alice, fun, exciting, positive, and always ready to go.  Everyday I look at the clock, think about what my family said, and pray for Alice.  I hope i stay like Aunt Alice, even when my clock stops ticking.  

Year: 1930

– Evan S

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child