Peruvian Alpaca doll

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Giana holding a Peruvian alpaca doll
Giana holding a Peruvian alpaca doll

Peruvian Llama/Alpaca dollsBy: Giana Czaplinski
Alpaca or Llama dolls are stuffed animals hand made from peruvian alpaca or Llama Fur, they are of course made in Peru and are very cute and cuddly. ( And not real Llama or Alpacas they might bite and not just ones in Peru!)
There are many alpaca/llama dolls out there, THERE IS EVEN LARGE ALPACA/LLAMA DOLLS! They can also be used as ornaments and they can have cute accessories!Some other facts about Llama/Alpaca1The Peruvian Indians used (real) Llama/Alpacas to carry food and minerals up mountains. 2The llama/alpaca is the symbol of Peru kinda like the eagle is for North America. 3 Llama and Alpacas are cousins but AREN'T the same animal, here's how to tell the difference. There are three ways of telling the difference, the face, the height and the hair.4Llamas/Alpacas are herbivores (which means they like eating plants like shrubs, grass and certain parts of trees.). Though pet llama/alpaca pets are mostly fed hay and things with fiber, which is important for they're diet. They also like broccoli, apples and sweet potatoes.5Llamas communicate to each other by humming, and make very loud noises when there is danger.

Place(s): Peru

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