Cleopatra Picture

In Fun

My object is a picture of the famous historical figure Cleopatra from Ancient Egypt. It is a symbol for the end of Ancient Egypt. She was the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. She is a popular figure in Western culture and many painting, books, plays, and movies have been created based on her. My object is an 8x10 picture of Cleopatra in a bronze frame. It is made of papyrus (pa-pie-rus). It refers to a thin paper-like material made from the pith of the papyrus plant. The face of Cleopatra is on a side profile. She had a decorative head piece with a bird. The colors are bronze, golden, and indigo. The headdress matches the thick necklace, which is the pillar of Osiris. My father is from Egypt and he’s very proud of his background. My mother is Russian and also takes pride of her heritage too. So, both my parents have taught me to take pride in my two backgrounds. I love them both equally.

Year: 2000

– Ali

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