Claddagh Ring

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 Claddagh Ring

My object is the Claddagh Ring. It comes from Ireland. It is made out of silver. When you wear the Claddagh you are allowed to wear it on any finger. There is no rule. My mom used to wear the ring but now she rarely wears the Claddagh. You can wear the it for special occasions or just as jewelry. The Claddagh ring has two hands that are touching each other representing Ireland’s friendship, a heart representing Ireland’s love, and a crown representing Ireland’s loyalty. I chose this ring as my object because it really shows the way Ireland is.  When I went to Ireland I met some family members for the first time and they were so welcoming and kind. They were so friendly and loyal to me. Not only family but people I didn’t know. Also family that don’t live in Ireland but live in the United States that are Irish are loyal, friendly and very loving. That’s when I knew the Claddagh ring really did represent Ireland.  So the Claddagh teaches me that in Ireland you are to be loyal,friendly, and loving. I’d love to ask my ancestors is “Did you wear a Claddagh ring for special occasions?” Another question I have for my ancestors is “Was the Claddagh ring really special to you and your family?” That is what I learned from the Claddagh ring and what the Claddagh ring means to me. 

Place(s): Ireland

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant