Congo Square

Relationship: Im/migrant

I moved to New Orleans in 2015 to bridge the gap in a long distance relationship. What I didn't expect was to also fall in love with a city that I wrote off as "meh." I had first visited New Orleans in spring 2014 with a great group of friends. We visited Bourbon Street and a few other sites on my friends' itinerary. I enjoyed my trip but wasn't impressed by the city that was the home of the first black Disney princess. Crazy right!? Back to my move, though. This time, my boyfriend, not only being a New Orleanian but also a history major, unearthed so much of the magic and wonder that I had missed on my first visit! From our very first date at the Wax Museum and visiting Congo Square, to waking up at the ridiculous hours on Mardi Gras morning to catch a good spot to watch the Zulu parade, I have fully embraced the culture of the place that wasn't my own. 

Place(s): New Orleans, Texas, Congo Square
Year: 2014

– Christopher Dawson

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant