WW2 Medal-Dublin Fusiliers

Relationship: Im/migrant
WW2 Medal- Dublin Fusiliers.
WW2 Medal- Dublin Fusiliers.

The rusted, gold medal that stays hanging up on the wall directly across from my room just hangs there, year after year, waiting to be moved. It has waited a long time and is going to have to wait a little longer. During WW2 my great. great grandfather represented Dublin in the British armed forces. He was part of a group called the Dublin Fusiliers, which was one out of 8 regiments in the British army during WW2 that fought in the Second Boer War. Once he received the medal and had a son, (my grandfather) he passed the medal down to him, saying that he was to do the same with his son and so on to the next. He told my grandfather that this medal was a symbol to remind you what your roots are and to never forget them. When my grandfather was ready to pass the medal onto my father, my father was about to get onto a plane the next morning to America on a mission to find work. According to my father my grandfather's words were, "No matter how hard it gets over there, just remember where you came from and you'll be fine." My father responded with "I will dad, and I also will make sure this will be passed onto my son." Finally, back to the old and lonely medal hanging on the wall across from my room. Each time I face an obstacle in life or in sports, I look at that medal and realize that everything is going to be okay. And so will my son when it's time to move the medal again. 

Place(s): Dublin, Ireland
Year: 1993

– TM

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant