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This was in December of 2020.
This was in December of 2020.

My parents are from a pueblo or town in Mexico called Churintzio, Michoacan. They both grew up there, however, my mom was born there and my dad was born in California, but then he moved back with my grandparents to Churintzio. They got married and had me and my two siblings. Ever since I was a baby, we have been going to Mexico and visiting. It is special to me because most of my family and relatives live there, including my grandparents. We go every once or twice a year. We mostly go in December during the wintertime and celebrate as a family. We go to Mexico a week or two before Christmas so that we can spend time on Christmas Eve and New Years with our family. I have three very close girl cousins, they are like our sisters because we are very close. As soon as we get to Mexico, we gossip about our new life events, school, families, and just about everything. Our family tradition of all time is that during Christmas Eve, and New Year, my uncle, aunt, cousins, more uncles, more aunts, grandparents, and parents friends will all gather around by a fireplace outside my house, make some really good food, and lots of it (we even get leftovers that we eat the next morning as breakfast). My mom, or sometimes my aunts, will make posole, tamales, champurrado, bunuelos, and other very good Mexican food. My uncles sing karaoke all night and my aunts and mom talk all night about their lives and their kids. All of my family will sometimes stay in my house until midnight, and my cousins will spend the night at our house if we get too sleepy. 

Place(s): Churintzio Michoacan de Ocampo Mexico

– Maritza

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant