In Fun

My object is a blanket. I named it ‘Shiny’ a long time ago and it’s still shiny. It is a very fuzzy and soft blanket that means a lot to me. I am not sure where it came from but I know my mom gave it to me when I was born. I know that my mom got me another one because that one was getting worn but I still used Shiny. It is a mixture of pink and white organized into little squares. 
This blanket means a lot to me because I use it when I am stressed or sad because it symbolizes peacefulness because of some of the memories behind it. The memories behind the blanket are happy so I can always go back on them if I am having a bad day. One thing I remember is my friend and I were playing some imaginary game where we were wearing capes and trying to shoot asteroids with who knows what. My cape was Shiny and my friend was wearing a green version of Shiny.
In conclusion, my blanket is really important to me because it has happy memories and always makes me feel good when I see it.

– K

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