Christmas Dove

My Christmas Dove
My Christmas Dove

     My Christmas dove represents the purity and peace my family strives to have everyday. The dove was passed down from my great grandma Booth and is used to represent her great legacy. When my grandpa was younger, his family would gather at grandma Booth’s house to celebrate Christmas. Great grandma Booth was a Christian lady who helped several people find the Lord before her passing. She had a pure spirit and would do anything to help someone in need. Back in 1922, my grandma Booth was born in Virginia. When she grew older, she raised 9 kids with her husband Nathaniel Booth. My family’s story is unique because of the duration of my great grandma Booth’s legacy. It’s been 12 years since her passing and my family continues to remember her for all of her kindness and pure spirit. The dove, now passed down to my grandpa, is about 80 years old. Being able to keep this precious symbol for so many years shows how much my granny Booth’s family truly loved her. 

Place(s): Virginia

– Bayleigh

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