Christmas Cactus

Our Christmas Cactus
Our Christmas Cactus

Our family heirloom that we pass down is not worth money, but filled with memories. Our family object is a Christmas cactus. When my dad was little they gave my great-grandmother the gift of a Christmas cactus. The plant was purchased in early 1980’s in Vermont. Every year my dad would know it was time for the holidays when he would see the plant start to bloom. He would go over to my great-grandmother's for the holidays and see the plant with it’s green leaves and pretty pink flowers. My great-grandmother passed away in 1987 and my grandmother inherited the plant.  My dad told me how my grandmother hosted Christmas every year and people would comment on how big and beautiful the plant was. My grandmother passed away in 2004, and my dad inherited the plant. My dad has a green thumb so the plant is doing really well considering it is now over 30 years old. The plant moved with us to New York and sits in our front window. Pieces of the plant broke off, and my dad grew new plants from those, and gave one to each of his siblings. We also grew two more from the broken pieces that are in our house. Now every time I see the plant start to bloom I know it is almost Christmas. Since I never got to meet my grandmother or great grandmother, this plant reminds me of them. The plant makes me feel connected to relatives. My dad told me that Christmas was his mom’s favorite holiday, and it is also mine. As I am typing I can see the pretty pink blooms starting to open on our family Christmas cactus. 

Place(s): Vermont

– AH

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more