Christian Family Recipes

These are images of peanut butter icing, dressing, and peach pie recipes that have been in my family for many generations. My great-grandmother, Grace, is the one who transcribed these recipes and gave them to my grandmother as a way to remember our African American culture. These recipes are extremely important in my family, because these were the recipes that my great-great-great-grandmother used to make when she was a house slave in a plantation in Georgia. When my family prepares these dishes, it is a way of remembering our African history that was taken away from us during slavery. It is also way of celebrating the African American culture that we created which allows us to have a sense of identity and pay homage to our African roots. Once slavery was abolished my great-great-great-grandmother found work as a cook. Her knowledge of food first allowed her to enter the American economy, and many people in my family have continued her legacy by becoming cooks. These recipes are made during times of celebration, and my great-grandmother, Grace, used to bring the whole family together to eat these dishes and celebrate our culture. These recipes remind me of how proud I am of African American people, and particularly my family, for creating a unique culture that is both African and American.

Year: 1920

– Blaake-Kirstyn Davis

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