China Rice Holder


My object is from the island Puerto Rico, a small beautiful island full of people, who are called Puerto Ricans. They have many unique items. My unique item that’s important to me and my family, is made out of China, which hold rice, and any other type of dry food. My second uncle gave it to my family after he went on a trip to Puerto Rico to see some of our family over there.  It was in Elas Verde that my uncle brought it from a old lady who was having something similar to  a yard sale. This is important to my family because after a year ago my seconded uncle caught cancer and about six months later he passed away, which makes this even more important to my family. I say this because we had nothing from him and this object was the only thing we had of him. This object relates to my life because this is use from my culture which is something I want to look into in the future of my life. My great grandma was born in Puerto Rico and lived there till the age 18 at the year 1938 she moved to the United States in the hopes to have a better life and start  a new generation.

Place(s): Puerto Rico
Year: 1938

– Leilani Saulsbury

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more