Chinese Style Macaroni

Macaroni is not a Chinese dish, but the way my mother cooked it made it a Chinese dish. 

Food played a huge role in the Chinese history, and it is also an important factor in my life. Moving to a new place the hardest thing to get used to is the environment and the food, when I first move to New York I thought that I won't get used to the food here (I thought Americans only eats fast food), but foods in my house are always the same, sometimes I get excited because my mom buys western food materials, but it always turned out to be a Chinese style dish. Even macaroni. 
I remember telling my mom that I really want macaroni for lunch, she said "yes" and when out to get the food materials. She came back and started to cook, I called her and ask her that why is she doing the fried rice when she promised me she will make macaroni, she said that she is making the macaroni. I went into the kitchen and looked, she is making the macaroni just not the way I was expecting. 

– YG

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