Chinese Jade Bangle

In Attire

My object is a Chinese jade bangle. The bangle is made from silicate minerals in China (where my parents come from). I’m from the Chinese culture, where the jade bangle is a living and protective amulet. In China, jade is pronounced (yu). It is believed that jade protects and heals the body and spirit of the wearer from malevolent forces. Chinese women believe that the jade bracelet protects from harm, and will break as it takes the brunt of a possible injury. As a living being, the more jade is worn, the clearer, purer, and more powerful it becomes. If the jade becomes cloudy or dull, it indicates there is a lot of negativity being absorbed by the jade. My grandmother got it for my mom as a symbol for love and protection. The wisdom and mystery of jade is passed down from mother to daughter as folk law. For Chinese people, jade is understood as a symbol that represents the virtues of compassion, courage, justice, wisdom, and modesty.


Place(s): China
Year: 2009

– Yan Xiu C.

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