This story is about my culture. I am Puerto Rican and African American. The thing I like about my culture is the music from both sides. I like to listen to deb and rap. My personal favorite song from debow is EL BOOM by Chimballa and my favorite rap song is PTSD  pop smoke.  
While i was growing up in the  household, we played all types of music salsa, rap, denbow, classic, ect but my two favorites are denbow and rap  as you can  see  from earlier in  this story about me.

The reason those two stick out for me is because the rap music comes from my African American side and the debow is from my spanish side. While my parents were growing up they mostly listened to r&b and salsa

When my great grand parents moved to NYC they didn't know any English only Spanish so my family had to adjust how to speak English  over the years so that's  one of the reasons why denbow stands out to me. For my dad his side is from the  south  so his parents and his  grandparents had a g time with the  segregation. So my grandparents moved  to  New York and started over. And the reason why I  chose  rap cause in some rap songs they will talk about the life as a black people back then.

Place(s): Manhattan
Year: 2007

– E

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more