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Great Grandmother's Charm Bracelet
Great Grandmother's Charm Bracelet

This is a 14 Carat Gold Box chain bracelet.  It’s heavy, it smells like metal, and it has 11 charms.  It has been passed down 3 generations to the women on my mother's side of the family.  Each charm signifies a family member. Each of the charms is significant to an individual member of my family.  My great grandfather's wedding ring is on the bracelet, my grandfather's work code from Wall Street, my grandmother's ring,  my mom's heart charm, and shoe charm, and my sister's pink baby shoes. These charms represent important holidays, milestones and memories for each family member. 
Both of my grandparents were born in 1918, and they met when they were in first grade. They were children during the Great Depression. The bracelet was bought in NYC. My grandma and Mom told me about this bracelet and how special it is to my family.  It is an heirloom that continues to grow in importance to the family.  The charm bracelet will keep being passed down. 

Place(s): New York


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