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Headdress I made in the USA
Headdress I made in the USA

A couple of years ago my sister told me a story. She already had been living in the US. She was at the citizenship ceremony and the judge said: “now you’re an American citizen, but please, don’t forget to cook your national food, celebrate your holidays, teach your children the language you speak at home and traditions that are important to family. Don’t forget where you are from and who you are.” All these words left a deep mark in my mind and soul.The Ukrainian flower headband you can see on the pictures is an important part of Ukrainian national costume. What does it mean to me? It’s a symbol of connection to my country. It’s a choice to be myself wherever I live. It’s a choice to say to my daughter in the future - you’re a Ukrainian American.I made it by myself. The first one I made for my daughter when she was 4 months old. We lived in the occupied territory and to have any symbol of our origin was a necessity. I decided to make a traditional headdress and a costume by myself. My husband and my mom helped me a lot with this and we took a picture of my daughter in the national costume after the work was done. It has become a tradition. We left our home and moved to the US. It wasn’t our decision, like when you planned to immigrate. We thought about this opportunity for the future. But not the way it all happened.
When we arrived to make a headdress was a need again. The need to keep connecting to our home. I made another headband from ribbons and beads. And I feel better after that. I feel connection to my origin.

Place(s): Ukraine, USA, Crimea
Year: 2022

– Svitlana

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant