Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Food is an essential part of Judaism. Jews must keep kosher, eat Sabbath meals and eat specific foods on certain holidays. Challah is a food that all Jews eat. It is bread that can be braided or rolled and is usually topped with sesame seeds. Although it seems like just ordinary bread, it is of great significance to the Jewish people.It is customary for two challahs to be present at each Sabbath meal.In the times of our ancestors (biblical times) G-d gave every family a portion of bread each day which they had to collect out on the field. On Friday however,G-d gave double portions of bread so the people wouldn't have to do physical work on their relaxing Sabbath. Before eating the challah, everyone must wash their hands and make a blessing.

This bread also serves as a tie to my ancestors. My mother and her family immigrated to America from Lebanon in 1976.They had to abandon their home and belongings due to the civil war where the conditions were far too dangerous. My mother remembers breading challah alongside her mother every Friday morning,using a recipe that was passed down by her grandmother.She can recall the smell that lingered in the air as the challah baked. Now, almost every Friday, my mother and I continue this tradition by baking challah using the same recipe. The smell that permeates my kitchen is one I look forward to every week. Challah is not just bread, it is a connection to my past and my people.

Year: 1976

– Rachel Nussbaum

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant