Babovka Cake
Babovka Cake

My object is called Babovka. In America, this dish is known as Babka, but from where my grandma is from it is called Babovka cake. Babovka is a very thick and flavorful cake. It is a vanilla and chocolate mixed dish that you can eat as a delicious, filling dessert. Babovka cake originates from Jewish communities in Eastern Europe. My grandma is from the Czech Republic where she was introduced to Babovka around 1956. She immigrated from the Czech Republic on June 25th, 1964.  My grandma brought her famous recipe to America with her when she immigrated. My grandma first introduced Babovka to my mom and her siblings. She then introduced it to her grandchildren. My grandma has 7 grandchildren, myself included. We eat Babovka on the high holidays, celebrations, and family gatherings. Babovka connects to my religion because it originated in Jewish communities and my family is Jewish. Babovka is important to me because my grandma makes it for my entire family and me and we all enjoy it together. #dessert #judaism #easterneurope #grandma #foodways

Place(s): Czech Republic/New York
Year: 1964

– SS

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant