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Blue glass sailboat
Blue glass sailboat

This figure is made of blue glass, which many things in Turkish culture are made of. Blue glass is thought to clean the energy in the air, an old legend which is still very common today. It is less of a belief and more something that people just know about. Another thing made of blue glass is the evil eye, or Nazaar, and is thought to attract bad energy into itself. What I mean is that the evil eye contains all the bad energy so that the air around you is clean and fresh. When the blue glass is full of bad energy, it will break. It is said when the glass breaks, the owner will receive good luck. Overall, blue glass is something that is considered to promote calmness and happiness. This object is made through hand twisting the blue glass to get the dark and light blue pattern. It is handmade, and is part of a larger collection of items bought in Istanbul.

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant