World War II Medals

Great Grandfather's World War II Medals
Great Grandfather's World War II Medals

My great-grandpa (Papa) was a first-generation citizen. His parents immigrated from Northern Italy. 
I met Papa when I was 5. His medals are a window into his life. Through my family, I learned about him, and how he lived before and after the war. He was so proud of getting the opportunity to fight for his country. He served in World War II, in the 4th Army 63rd Infantry Division, 763rd Ordnance Company. He was awarded the Good Conduct Medal, one of the oldest awards given in the US Military. It is awarded to soldiers who distinguished themselves with exemplary conduct, efficiency, and fidelity. The medals are very old but in pristine condition. Some of them are solid and metal, others are soft like cloth.
My Great-Grandpa was ready to risk everything for his new country, and free Italy from fascism. His division was the first to liberate Marseillaise, France from the Nazis. He had many tales to tell from his experiences. One time he was at a post in Italy with the soldiers in his division. They were hungry because they didn’t have much money. Going into the restaurant, they order food. But because of money, they couldn’t get all the food needed. So Papa, who spoke fluent Italian, convinced the restaurant owner to bring them more food for less money. They were happy to provide food for a fellow Italian. 
After he served two years, he returned home to his one-year-old daughter. He could have stayed in the army, they asked him to stay, but he wanted to spend time with his family. 

Place(s): Italy, New York


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