Ceremonial pipe


Ceremonial pipe, a pipe that is used by the native american culture. The pipe is used in ceremonies and is a sacred item to natives. The pipe can be blessed or it can bless something during a ceremony. At a ceremony the pipe is used to smoke out of. What is smoked is homemade tobacco also called kinnikinnick. Children aren't allowed to smoke this tobacco but instead are tapped on both shoulders and the top of their head as a way of getting blessed. At a pipe ceremony you usually gather people from your community, family or friends and they don’t have to have the full native background they just have to be respectful of the culture and accepting. 
At the ceremony you usually have a spiritual leader or a medicine man.  During the ceremony we pray to all of the directions and thank our ancestors for everything they have provided us with. After we are done praying But before we eat we take a piece of every food we will be eating that night and put it onto a plate and place it outside to feed the spirits and ancestors as a sign of honor and thanks. All of the food from the ceremony must be eaten as soon as possible and if it can’t be eaten it should be burned so it doesn’t go to waste. 

– Kayelynn

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