Catholic Rosary

Black Catholic Rosary from Ireland.
Black Catholic Rosary from Ireland.

An extremely important object in my family that has been passed down, is a Catholic rosary. My family came from Ireland about five generations ago, my great grandmother was the owner of the rosary, which was passed down to her from her parents who had lived in Ireland but moved when she was young. When my great grandmother passed away, the rosary was given to my dad. Since she passed away, I feel that my great grandmother has been my guardian angel, whenever I feel scared or upset I pray with my rosary. I imagine that she is looking down at me and listening to me. This dirty and beaten up rosary that a stranger would overlook, has gotten me through so much in my life and I can never imagine it not being with my family. When I was younger I would get ready for bed and then my family would all get together and pray, every family member had their own rosary. When my father passes away it will go to me, the path of our Catholic rosary will continue through my future children and grandchildren. If my great grandma had not come to America and brought her rosary along with other things, my family would not have the amazing connection to our past life and culture that we do. We wouldn’t be able to hold her rosary and remember all of the stories she would tell us about her life in Ireland. 

Place(s): Virginia, Ireland
Year: 1930

– Avery Craft

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more