Catholic Bible

The Catholic Holy Bible is a book comprised of 73-book canon that are recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. This particular bible was gifted to my mother when she first came to states from Puerto Rico in the year of 1989. While Puerto Rico is considered a territory of the United states, it is still configured culturally as though it was a country of its own, with its own demographic, and its own unique culture. When my mother came to New York, it was with the set goal for finishing her residency and eventually returning home. So when she began her residency she sought out guidance, which was discovered in a "second mother" who worked as a clerk in Elmhurst hospital, the location of her residency. This change in scenery was so difficult for my other because it brought back memories of her immigrating from Spain to Puerto Rico as a young child. My mother cherished this bible as not only was she a religious person but the words written on the inside held such compassion that they touched her deeply. Words such as "Remember God loves you and me too," were a continuous comfort as she tried to find her way and create a new home for her for the second time in her life.

Year: 1989

– Anthony Frousios

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