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This dress represents my culture, which I always carried with my family for the carnival or occasion of traditional fete, it was always a pride for us. When I arrived at NYC what marks me most in the carnival of NYC was this Dress and when I tasted a fast food I remembered my country and even the good griots that there was in my beautiful little country but here what I am surprised are the trains, the bus, the school different and a lot Of opportunities that I can enjoy, what still astonishes me is that it is really cold and that in my country it was not like that. It was not as easy when I arrived in this country and talk because I had to learn the language and all it's money to live, life is not easy because I had to leave to continue My studies and make the pride of my family and work as a great diplomat, be a great dancer, show my teachers that I was able to succeed.

Year: 2016

– saphira

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